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We import green coffee and other organic products from producing countries
where we personally take care of finding, checking
and certifying the plantations that produce only the best products.

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GreenTide is a project that started in 2012 from the experience and enthusiasm of its shareholders. The biggest challenge was for us to be able to offer everybody the chance to drink speciality coffees.

We started with the careful and thorough selection of the best coffee, imported from Central and South America, we only use the highest quality coffee, from completely traceable sources that we buy directly from our producers. The great interest that our gourmet coffee aroused from the beginning has encouraged us to continue with enthusiasm in this direction, which allows us to implement our philosophy, value the experience and expertise of the producers and thus always offer an excellent product.

Over time we have been able to increasingly consolidate our connection with the producers, from which we select the best batches each year and bring them to Europe to the most demanding roasters.

We have also added another important service, which was developed thanks to continuous and fruitful cooperation with our customers. They often ask us for roasting service that makes the best of special coffee. That's how the Greentide Private Labeling project was created.

We are therefore proud to be able to provide a competent and comprehensive roasting, packaging and graphics services for roasters who wish to improve and enhance the quality of speciality coffee, as well as for distributors and restaurant chains, all designed and tailored to suit each of our customers.

We are winning our challenge and now everyone can drink speciality coffee!

Our Values

MISSION: We import only the best coffee, monitored and evaluated throughout the whole chain that meets the high standards designed together with academic professionals. We all have the right to drink speciality coffee!

STRENGTHS: Our research capabilities and unique resources derived from our organisational diversity are our strengths and make us specialists on the premium market. We believe in the quality of the gourmet products we offer and, thanks to the cooperation of the producers, we are able to import high-quality coffee, which can be traced from the cherry to the cup.

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Green Coffee

We import the best coffee from the best producing countries. Our coffees can be traced entirely from the plant until they are delivered to your home.
Thanks to the direct knowledge of the producers, we are able to import the most interesting speciality coffees.  We buy them directly from the producers so as to enhance their fantastic work and ensure the highest quality to our customers.

Coffees on Demand

Everyone of us have different tastes, which often are hardly met. Greentide is able to find the coffee you're looking for within the market, with the right features, from the place you want it and exactly the way you want it. We sell coffee F.O.B., C.I.F. or at the desired destination, we take care of everything, all you have to do is WISH.

Contact us to know available products and new once.



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GreenTide helps small and medium producers of speciality coffees to get a foothold in the European market, with a special focus on themselves and their products. GreenTide acts as importer, broker or consolidator, we also create a showcase for manufacturers to present themselves on the European speciality coffee market, a young market in continuous expansion.

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GreenTide offers a roasting and packaging service for all the coffees we import. The coffees are roasted with care in an artisan setting by a professional, SCAE certified roaster. The old-fashioned roaster is loaded with 60 kg of our beans and it does the rest! The coffees are then hand-packed according to your request and shipped throughout Europe.


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Lately we have added a very important service: it often happened that some of our customers asked us for a roasting service for speciality coffees, thanks to them and with them, the GreenTide Private Labelling project was started.

What does Private Label mean?

Private Label

What does Private Label mean?

It means that you can choose the coffee or the coffee blend, you can choose the degree of roasting and the packaging,
with your name on it you can sell it as you want, when you want and to whoever you want. It becomes virtually your coffee.

What are the minimum requirements for the private label service?

If you are able to buy a minimum of 50 kg of coffee or at least 150 kg of a blend created for you,
no matter the size of the packages, you're ready to launch your business!

Who is this service aimed at? distributors, restaurants and hotel chains or roasters that usually do not roast speciality coffee in small quantities
can differentiate themselves in the market with a very high quality product, handcrafted and made specifically for them.

Can I have a custom coffee mixture?

If you want a mixture customized for you, it will be done with you!
We will sit and taste and decide how to make up your mixture. You will know all the components and it will be yours alone.
In this case there will be a minimum annual purchase, we will be happy to discuss it with you.

Currently I do not have a logo, what shall I do?

Thanks to our graphic collaborators, we can help you with all the graphics involved starting from the choice of a logo
and the layout for your labels right up to a full website.

Ok I decided, I want to start this adventure!

Operative Office:
  Greentide GmbH
Mollardgasse 73/21, 1060 WIEN (AT)
  Phone: (+43) 660 696 1469

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